Our goal is to revolutionize the gastronomy industry through the utilization of efficient technologies

REET - Restaurant Efficiency Enhancing Technologies stands as a technology firm specializing in enhancing the efficiency of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) through digital solutions and advanced automation technology. Arising from a business group exclusively centered on QSR operations, the company brings together substantial operational experience as a renowned QSR operator and highly specialized technological know-how.


Compared to conventional kitchen processes, the technology developed by REET aspires to enhance the quality of the produced items, customer service, and overall customer experience. Furthermore, it aims to increase production speed while maintaining high variability, ensuring revenue growth for Quick Service Restaurants and simultaneously achieving significant cost reductions.


REET - Restaurant Efficiency Enhancing Technologies is a technology company specializing in enhancing the efficiency of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) through digital solutions and state-of-the-art automation technology. The company was established from within a business group exclusively dedicated to QSR operations, bringing together extensive operational experience as a recognized QSR operator with highly specialized technological expertise.


The rise in digitization is opening up new avenues for gastronomy establishments, particularly Quick Service Restaurants, by expanding sales opportunities both within the restaurant and beyond, thanks to innovations like order kiosks and delivery services. However, this surge in orders, both in quantity and frequency, poses fresh challenges for existing kitchen capacities. These challenges are not effectively met through conventional approaches, and are further exacerbated by persistent staffing shortages and significant cost pressures. In response to this demanding scenario, the adoption of fully automated and digitally controlled kitchen processes emerges as a viable solution. This approach allows for the effective management of extensive production capacities and frequencies while minimizing the reliance on human resources. Notably, established equipment manufacturers for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) have yet to provide such solutions tailored for QSR kitchens. In light of this gap, the founders have taken on the role of pioneers in this domain. They are actively developing and implementing relevant solutions themselves to address this need.